aka:    Lloyd Favor Taylor

He is holding a FALSTAFF beer.

It looks like the RVN Cross of Gallantry Medal

Jose photo from Roy Boehm  

Jose in Greece 1955 photo by Rudy Boesch  

This is how I will remember my teamate. Roy Boehm (contributed this photo)

Jose Taylor ST-2  photo by: Rudy Boesch


From:     Bob Nissley; 
Sent:     Sunday, October 16, 2005 2:15 PM


     It is most regretful that I inform you that "JOSE" passed away late Friday evening at home. He was admitted to the hospital last Monday and in all truthfulness I did not expect him to leave alive but he took a turn for the better and came home on Thursday but passed away Friday.

 His wife MARY ELISABETH and his little dog was with him backed up by a caregiver. His wife said he wanted to be cremated with no services and she will retain his ashes until she passes then she will be cremated and both interned at Arlington

He lived a full life and I truly believe it ended his way. His health had deteriorated this past year and he was suffering badly with a failing heart and lungs. I followed him for almost a year at NAD DA NANG and he was not just a true comrade but a compulsive "HUNTER" always on the prowl for the bad guy. 

Captain would you please put the word out to those on the West Coast who served/knew "JOSE." 

Best to all BOB NISSLEY..............




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From: Norman Olson
To: ; Hovanky, Thoai
Cc: Bob Nissley ; Bill Bruhmuller ; ; Doc Rio ; Larry Bailey ; UDTSEAL Association ; Tom Hawkins ; NSW-Seals
Sent: Monday, October 17, 2005 12:17 PM
Subject: Re: Lt. Col Jose Taylor passed away.
To all,
    Received the following from Bob Nissley, who served with Jose in Danang and was a very close friend of his for years after.

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To: Norm Olson 

Cc: NSW-Seals ; Thoai Ho ; Tom Hawkins ; UDTSEAL Association ; Larry Bailey ; Doc Rio ; Sent: Monday, October 17, 2005 1:38 AM 

Subject: Lt. Col Jose Taylor passed away. 

Dear Norm, I am forwarding this Vietnamese version email to you as concern to Lt. Col. Jose Taylor who was worked with Sea Commandos sometimes before 1966.  Mr.Taylor just passed away on last Friday 14 October, 2005 in Crestview, Florida. For more information please contact to Tran Ba Loc at his phone numbers:
Best Regards,   Norm





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From: Tan Vo <>
To: Loc Tran <>
Cc: "MT Electric Ave." <>, Bo Bui <>, Khue Thuong Bui <>, Phong Dam <>, Phong Dam <>, Doan Huu Dinh <>, "" <>, Thao Do <>, Chien Thang La <>, Anh Le <>, Hau Le <>, Steve Le <>, HoangDOAN11 Lee <>, STD MACVSOG <>, LTDNKT Moderator <>, Hung Ngo <>, Bac-Ai nguyen <>, Chuyen Nguyen <>, Dieu Thanh Nguyen <hdlvn@hotmail.c Kinh Qui NT,Ch/huu NKT. Tong hoi xin fw email cua the he 2 cua GD/NKT den qui vi tin buon nay ,neu trong gia dinh NKT nhung qui vi nao truoc kia co lam viec chung voi Trung Ta Hai Quan Jose Taylor xin lien lac voi em Tran Ba Loc de biet them chi tiec,voi so dien thoai cua email Kinh VTY

Loc Tran <> wrote: Anh Y quy' me^'n,   Vo+'i nie^`m thu+o+ng tie^'c vo^ cu`ng, em xin ba'o tin cho anh Vo~ Ta^'n Y bie^'t la` Ha?i Qua^n Trung Ta' Jose Taylor (Joe) dda~ tu+` gia? co~i ddo+`i va`o nga`y Thu+' Sa'u nga`y 14 tha'ng 10, na(m 2005 lu'c 10:20 PM ta.i Crestview, Florida.   Xin nho+` anh Y tho^ng ba'o giu`m cho ca'c Chie^'n Hu+~u NKT dda~ tu+`ng sa't ca'nh chie^'n dda^'u vo+'i Co^' Trung Ta' Taylor. Xin anh lie^n la.c vo+'i em o+? ddie^.n thoa.i 21-392-8234 dde^? em cho bie^'t the^m chi tie^'t. Xin ca'm o+n anh Y   Tra^`n Ba' Lo^.c

Thanks, Kiet for announcing the so sad news. It is a big loss for CSS/NAD. I will call Elizabeth Taylor in about an hour, Norm. Any of us has any details about the funeral please pass them on.


Thoai Hovanky

Chief Financial Officer   National Association of Independent Schools    1620 L Street NW Suite 1100 Washington DC 20036   (202) 973-9725       mailto:

Hello all:
I am sorry to announce that Navy Lt. Commander Joe (Jose) F. Taylor passed away at home in Florida on Friday, October 14, 2005 at 10:20 PM, after many years of struggling with health issues. The funeral will be held privately among close family members. He will be interned at Arlington National Cemetery at a later date.

Condolences can be sent to:
Mary Taylor
309 Timberline Drive
Crestview, FL 32539

Telephone: 850-682-8977

In lieu of flowers, Mrs. Mary Taylor has requested that friends honor Mr. Joe Taylor's memory through the donation to Vietnamese Katrina victims. Lt. Commander Joe Taylor had spent 18 months fighting in Viet Nam and loved Vietnamese people. He had helped many refugees settle in US afer the fall of Viet Nam. He had encouraged his wife Mary to help Vietnamese Katrina hurricane victims who had lost everything.

He served in World War II among The Scouts and Raiders. He served as a team member of the UDT in Korean War. He was the plank owner of the Seal team II and in VietNam, he was serving in the operation MAC SOG and NAD in DDa Nang. His sea duties were Commanding Officer of the Stallion. He was the receipient of two Purple Hearts for wounds received in Vietnam. He also received a Silver Star, Bronze Star,and numerous medals.

He was a generous, loving, and brave man.
We will all miss him.
(Please see his picture attached) ( Photo is posted on top of this page.)

Loc Ba Tran
(son of Lt. Colonel Tuan Ba Tran - Chau)

Dear Rio,
   Rudy and I do enjoy reading your messages. Thanks so much for keeping us on your list. Really sad about Jose, know he's been sick for quite awhile. I know we have a slide of him from a Med trip back in '55. We're going to look for it and I'll have a  picture made to send to you. It's back when he was enlisted and in uniform, I can picture it but just have to find it. Hope all is well with you and LouLou.
  Fond regards,
     Marge Boesch

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To: Erasmo Riojas
Sent: Tuesday, October 18, 2005 3:38 AM
Subject: Re: Jose Taylor RIP web page

Rio:  Jose's real name is Lloyd Favor Taylor and he was originally from Arkansas.       Resp.  HOOT

Jose' was in my class, class 07. We were good friends. When going thru training he was a BM1.
Later went to Deep Sea Diving school and from there to EOD school. Going to nite school he got a degree from Univ Maryland. Got a commission.
Was wounded in Nam working with the spooks up in Danang. Got hit in the stomach with a an AK47.

Truly sorry he died, will be missed.
Bruhmiller says his wife is having trouble with the VA trying to get his benefits.

Resp. HOOT Andrews


Dear Teamates,
    I was a "FNG" to then LT. Jose Taylor in Vietnam in 1967. He came to the Hotel Carter in MyTho to visit us and that is where I met him. He treated me and also the "Young Lion FNGs" as if we were old lost teamates.
I listened attentively to all the sea stories they shared with us about their good old days in UDT. To us, even all the "hairy seastories" are funny, so we had a lot of good laughs.
My immediate opinion of Jose Taylor was that I could get along with him real good and that I could follow him anywhere anytime.
I remember him telling Lt. Bob "Mr Son" Peterson that he had gotten word from Jake Rhinebolt that his platoon was doing great work and that he was proud of the 7th.

Jose, I will drink a cold beer for you with great pride that I have rubbed elbows with you. May God have mercy on your soul and allow you into heaven to rest in peace. Amen.

Tu Amigo,
Erasmo "Doc" Riojas HMC USN Retired    

email me at :  docrio @  (this is not a link.)


Sent: Tuesday, October 18, 2005 9:30 AM
Subject: About the death of "Jose" Taylor

I sad and sorry to hear about Jose Taylor's death. May he rest in peace. He was a good guy and teamate.

I guess we are all going slowly through the completion of our tour of duty, ie: death. I look at death as a new adventure with a don't sweat it attitude. Any foot prints you may have accidentally made, will be washed away with the next wave.

Life is loaned to you, live it, love it, for the joy of what you love, and whom you love. Leave your ego, status, and possessions hanging on the worlds quarter deck because you are going out with what you came here with; hopefully it will be a positive memory to a few.

In the mean time if you don't use what you got you will lose what you got.

Tu Amigo
Roy>  Boehm,

From: Richard Martin
To: Erasmo Riojas
Sent: Wednesday, October 19, 2005 5:52 PM
Subject: Re: Jose Taylor RIP web page

    I new Jose Taylor!!!!!!    Richard "LEG" Martin HMC (SEAL) Retired

MY NOTE:  Doc Martin has suffered a stroke that left some residual one sided weakness and some brain irregularities therefore he has become A MAN OF FEW words because of his stroke.      Doc Riojas


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From: Dee Clark
To: Erasmo Riojas
Sent: Friday, October 21, 2005 12:24 PM
Subject: Re: another photo of Jose Taylor that I got from Kiet
I got to know Jose when he arrived at ST2 and took over as Ordnance Officer. It took all of two seconds to know that I'd follow him to hell and gone. He was an inspiration and a guide who influenced my career in the navy. 

He made it possible for me to go back to advisory duty and still retain my SEAL quals which reflect the way I live even today.

JOSE, I'll hoist a cool one to memory of good times and good advice.

A.D. Clark


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From:;  Bill Daugherty
Sent: Friday, October 21, 2005 8:23 AM
Subject: Re: another photo of Jose Taylor that I got from Kiet

Doc that was a beautiful tribute to Jose Taylor. When Corney Leyden and I lived together Jose would come over on a Saturday morning for coffee or Kentucky Gentlemen which ever he wanted if any was left and visit.  I met Jose this way thru Corney.  He was a good guy and I loved hear his stories.  I have thought of him before when going back thru my memory lane.
He will be missed and by all the alkaloids from everyone who served with him have expressed in their E Mails I know his wife is surely proud to have been his mate here on earth.
Bill  Daugherty

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Sent: Monday, October 24, 2005 1:38 AM
Subject: RE: Jose Taylor RIP web page

Hey Rio,

Jose was in the hospital at Yokosuka with Bos'n Campbell from ST-1 and me in 69.  I think he was recovering from getting shot in the belly.  The whole hospital staff was scared to death of him and Campbell because they would get dressed and leave the ward and the go out in town when ever they wanted, despite direct orders from the Docs they couldn't.  He was the real deal.

Outta  here, RJT , CDR(SEAL) USN Retired

November 15, 2005

Mary Elizabeth Taylor and their dog "Tipper" stopped by our home and visited for about five hours.  She had a briefcase full of photos of Jose Taylor and I copied some of them.



The Below Photographs are property of Mary Elizabeth Taylor (Jose's wife) and may not be used without her permission.    Email Doc Rio and he will contact her for you.










  IF  Jose Taylor was the Ops boss at NAD DaNang, then he'd coordinate with the Vietnamese CSS.  CSS ran PTF operations up North; MST-1 did the maintenance on the PTF boats and conducted training in their maintenance.   Robert Stoner MCPO

   include these photos :            



                                          photo from Jose Taylor's collections                   data: by MCPO Bob Stoner


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