LCDR (SEAL)  Roy Boehm  USN (Ret)

                     First SEAL, or 104th  SEAL,  We LOVE HIM!   

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Sent: Tuesday, October 18, 2005 9:30 AM
Subject: About the death of "Jose" Taylor and "Hoot" Andrews

I sad and sorry to hear about Jose Taylor's death. May he rest in peace. He was a good guy and teamate.

I talked to Hoot this AM,
Told him about the 0130 piss call from you asking if he was dead. I don't get up until 0430 so I can be at the gym at 0530 for Monday to Friday work out.

I guess we are all going slowly through the completion of our tour of duty, ie: death. I look at death as a new adventure with a don't sweat it attitude. Any foot prints you may have accidentally made, will be washed away with the next wave.

Life is loaned to you, live it, love it, for the joy of what you love, and whom you love. Leave your ego, status, and possessions hanging on the worlds quarter deck because you are going out with what you came here with; hopefully it will be a positive memory to a few.

In the mean time if you don't use what you got you will lose what you got.

Tu Amigo
Roy>  Boehm,



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